Thursday, February 15, 2007

Smallville: "Freak"

In tonight's episode, a scientist exploits a blind teen able to detect the meteor-infected townsfolk of Smallville. These subjects are abducted, studied, brainwashed, and then eliminated. The boy doesn't read Clark because he is from Krypton, not infected by kryptonite; however, we learn Chloe is infected and as yet not showing powers.

This episode, directed by Michael Rosenbaum, had great subtext with Lana growing more accepting of Clark and Lex trying to keep his connection to the scientist a secret from Lana. My only quibble was with Rosenbaum's acting. Along with John Glover, he's consistently one of the best reasons to watch, but this time out his performance seemed offkey. Anyone else think so?

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