Wednesday, March 14, 2007

High (Definition) Anxiety

When his monitor suddenly refused to carry the HD display from his PlayStation 3, my brother decided it was time to buy an HD TV set, On Saturday, he exchanged our digital cable box for an HD box, which then failed to pick up our channel lineup.

The rest of the family had obligations Sunday, so I was left to wait for the Cablevision tech, who determined the HD signal was generally weak on our block. Repairs were conducted for most of Monday while I waited for UPS to deliver the HD set.

Yesterday my time was my own once more, so I wrote poem, caught up on sleep, and watched Casino Royale on DVD. As you might expect, though, my TV-sense was thrown off and I forgot NCIS would be a rerun.

With my evening suddenly free, I joined Crimespace. If you enjoy this blog you're probably the closest thing I have to a friend on the Interweb, so feel free to carry it over there. And if you find any Easter eggs on the Royale DVD, let me know.


whiteskwirl said...

Casino Royale is out already? All right! Best.Bond Movie. Ever.

Daniel Hatadi said...

I loves me HiDef, yes I do, although I'm an Xbox 360 fan.

Gerald So said...

I've only played the higher-end systems sparingly. One big drawback of the PS3: its picture drops in and out--blinks, if you will--on HD TVs, Inexcusable.