Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Night in Crimetime TV

I watched Andy Barker, P.I. starring Andy Richter as a strip mall accountant mistaken for a private eye. Good fun, comedic yet refreshingly earnest. The show was followed by Raines with Jeff Goldblum as a cop haunted by murder victims. It has potential (gulp), but I don't have a feel for its tone yet. I like Goldblum for unexpected comedy in general, but at times Raines seemed so low-key that when he made a joke, I'd go, "Oh, that was a joke."

I'll keep my eye on the ratings. Midseason replacements really have to make a splash.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Did he seem like he was mumbling a lot to you? Also the plot left a lot for the viewer to fill in. Did that suburban wife always travel around with a gun in her purse on the off-chance someone would say no. And it seemed too driven by its concept rather than character or even plot. It looked great though on HDTV.
Loved the Richter show.

WellesFan said...

The Richter show was fine. It made me smile, but didn't make me laugh out loud as Scrubs and 30 Rock consistently do.

Raines was pretty good. It's probably the big flaw with pilots, but (as I mentioned in my own blog) it seemed to be focused more on the premise than the story. If they add a bit more humor like the last scene with Raines, Charlie, and the guy in the cemetery, it could be a solid show.