Thursday, March 29, 2007

VCR Alert: "Ice Queen", "Meltdown"

If you missed the JAG episodes "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown", which served as the back-door pilot for NCIS, USA is running them back-to-back tomorrow from 7:00 to 9:00 AM. I believe this is the first time they'll be shown in syndication.

UPDATE: When Gibbs and crew were introduced in the backdrop of JAG, they seemed like slick intruders. Now, watching the two-parter for the first time in four years, it plays as just another case for NCIS. Of course Gibbs would suspect Harm. Of course Tony would banter with his squared-away female teammate. Of course Ducky would go off on tangents. Of course Abby would squirm in her "court clothes." Bellisario's vision for the show and the team's dynamic was in place from the beginning and hasn't flagged.

It's a kick to see Gibbs, Tony, Abby, and Ducky interact with Harm, Mac, Bud, Coates, and Chegwidden.

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