Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NCIS: "Cover Story"

Someone is killing the inspirations for characters in McGee's work-in-progress. Who's had access to the manuscript pages? The thinnest-plotted, most predictable episode ever. Please give the McGee-as-famous-author arc a rest. It's not being handled realistically, which sticks out on a show that's mostly believable.


WellesFan said...

Soon as I saw the coffee cup in that guy's truck I knew it was that Brandon/Landon whatever his name was guy.

I normally like the little subplots, but the McGee author thing isn't working for me. It seems forced, and he sounds like a bit of a hack.

Oh, and when McGee was writing in that coffee shop I couldn't help but think of this Family Guy clip.

Gerald So said...

Personal lives are good for subplots, not main plots. I prefer to gain insight into characters in the course of their jobs/what they have to do.