Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NCIS: "Grace Period"

Taking a weekend hotline shift originally assigned to Gibbs's team, Two members of Special Agent Paula Cassidy's team are killed by an apparent suicide bomber. Cassidy (Jessica Steen) works with Gibbs's team to piece together the planning and purpose of the ambush, all the while feeling survivor's guilt. When the mastermind is discovered, only Cassidy has a chance to stop him from bombing a peace conference.

One of my favorite characters played by one of my favorite actors, Paula Cassidy first appeared in the first season episode "Minimum Security," and she and Tony had an easy chemistry. She later stepped in for a case in the wake of Kate Todd's death, and with this episode her arc comes to an end.

Sure, I wish she hadn't died; I wish Kate hadn't, either; but I have to admit their deaths paid tribute to their lives. That's all I can ask as a fan.

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