Sunday, May 06, 2007

Don Bellisario Leaving NCIS

Jeremy Lynch blogs the story, citing The Hollywood Reporter and's reports of Mark Harmon's dissatisfaction with Bellisario's management style. Head writer Shane Brennan and co-executive producer Chas. Floyd Johnson will take over showrunning duties.

I commented:

Bellisario commented on his micro-managing tendency on the NCIS Season One DVD. He said he'd overseen JAG for some time longer than expected, and was unsure about doing the same on NCIS, but Harmon was originally very eager to work with him, so he made the commitment.

Work environment aside, it's common for creators to leave established shows. I don't expect this to impact the quality much. Then again, those late script changes may have been improvements. asks if NCIS could survive without Harmon's character Leroy Jethro Gibbs. IMO, it could go for a while like X-Files, but the show is such that every character's role has impact and it wouldn't be the same show without Gibbs.

It sounds as if Bellisario is stepping away to increase the likelihood Harmon stays. Perhaps he doesn't want to risk an NCIS without Gibbs.


Anonymous said...

I cannot forgive him for letting Sasha (Kate) Anderson go and getting Zivia (whatever her name is) to replace Kate. I stopped watching regularly afterwards and she is so bad I just stopped.

Big mistake hiring that actress playing Zivia. Spock had more warmth than this character/acress. I've switched to Bones.

Gerald So said...

Bellisario did not let Sasha Alexander go; Alexander asked to leave, saying she was overwhelmed by NCIS's physical demands. I took about a season to warm to Ziva, but I find her a more nuanced, interesting character than Kate was.

A said...

A lot of Russians love to watch NCIS series. However, it is shocking to hear Russian spoken in NCIS episodes. Nothing sounds Russian, it is humiliating to listen to this beautiful language being mispronounced to such a dreadful extent. It is humiliating to listen and sounds as if you are trying to repel your Russian viewers on purpose... Also, it discredits your actors who desperately try to say something in Russian - and they fail each and every time.

Anonymous said...

I only get to watch NCIS in reruns because of my schedule but I love Zivia. She has more warmth than Kate ever did. I always felt that Kate was up tight and couldn't shed the secret service persona. The relationship between Tony and Zivia is much more fun to watch. She puts him in his place in such a way that you want to see more play between them. Sasha Alexander is much better in her newest role.

Anonymous said...

I really like ziva, I like the way she says the wrong things then tony & Tim correct her. The chemistry between her & tony is great, they so want each other. It does seem mark harmon has got a little big for his boots, but the show would be no more without Gibbs.

Unknown said...

Can’t NCIS please get a local to read their scripts before production - even after all this time, words and phrases are pronounced incorrectly, for example, saying Norfolk, “THE route 495,” saying localities with state included, such as “it’s in Arlington, VA,” (that is like saying, “ it’s in Studio City, CA,” when one is in Hollywood.