Thursday, May 17, 2007

WENN: Selleck Rules Out 'Magnum' Movie Cameo

Actor Tom Selleck has ruled out a cameo role in a planned big screen version of his 1980s TV hit Magnum P.I. - because he refuses to trivialize the show. Selleck is against compromising the memory of a television show he is proud to have starred in by appearing in a big-budget movie making fun of it. He says, "I tell you what worries me - because I love Magnum and we have loyal fans - is they take these TV show titles, and they buy them and they spend $100 million on special effects, and then they make fun of them and trivialize it. Then they try and get the actor who used to be in it to do some ridiculous cameo to prove to the audience that it's OK. And I will not do that."

I stand and applaud.

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