Thursday, September 20, 2007


The first of a new line of direct-to-DVD DC animated features deals with one of the most popular Superman storylines, the death and return of Superman.

I confess I haven't read the comics. Truth be told, I find the Man of Steel too powerful a character, so anything that kills him has to be that much more powerful, and that's impossible to show in any medium. That said, the animators do a nice job showing Superman tired, out of breath, bleeding.

The heart of the story to me is the more mature relationship between Lois and Clark, with Lois pushing Superman to admit the identity she's already deduced, and Clark holding back that last bit, afraid of commitment.

Adam Baldwin, Anne Heche, and James Marsters do justice to the three principal characters, sublimating my memory of previous voice actors. Baldwin is warm as Clark and macho as Superman. Heche is take-charge as Lois. Marsters is slick as Lex.

Great dramatization of an epic event, right down to the musical score.

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MysterLynch said...

I have never really followed Superman for the exact same reason as you.

I may have to check this out, it sounds solid.