Monday, October 01, 2007

New Poetry

Issue 8 of The Orange Room Review is now live, featuring my poem "I Tell a Joke About Susan". Thanks to editors Corey and Rachael Cook.


Graham Powell said...

It occurred to me the other day that you have really published quite a few poems. Maybe you can post a list, with links to online-available poems?

Poetry is so different from narrative, and I'm hopeless at it. To me, words are bricks, just tools to build with. To a poet, words are gold and gems. Sure, they can be put together to good effect, but they're beautiful on their own.

Gerald So said...

Thanks for your interest, Graham. I have a blog detailing my publication history since 2002 - Gerald So's Desk. The entries are sorted by year, genre, and publication name.

Gerald So said...

Re your analogy of narrative vs. poetry, my poetry is very narrative. Most of my poems capture a single moment, but there's a story in that moment, and just as in prose, the job is to find the most powerful way to tell that story.

As I see it, poetry has to be more immediately accessible than prose. Poets don't have the space that novelists do to win readers over. There's a lot more chance someone won't "get" a poem, and at that point the individual words don't matter.