Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Settling down

The Yankees are out of the playoffs. Joe Torre may be out as manager. Neither development gets to me the way Luis Gonzales's 2001 blooper off Mariano Rivera did. It was then I realized I would be a Yankee fan whether they won or lost.

In the middle of last night's game, I said, "A-Rod can leave town now." Then he had a single and a homerun. Not his best or worst performance. The same can be said for the team as a whole.

All you can ask is to have your best players on the field. From there you just see what happens. Cleveland's pitchers stepped up and handled the Yankee hitters one by one. The Yankee pitchers couldn't return the favor.

Good luck to the competition. I'd like to see Arizona vs. Cleveland in the Wold Series,

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Charlie Stella said...

They played baseball last night?

I have no voice after watching my New York State Buffalo Bills lose a heartbreaker.

A-Rod? That some kind of new suspension system for cars?

His home run, like the entire 162 game season in THAT sport, was meaningless. They might as well do what the NBA does, let half the league in the playoffs. It's pathetic. Baseball lost its allure way back when they changed the rules so "designated hitters" eliminated strategy and winning the most games in the league no longer meant you went to the world series.

It's sad.

So is spending $200 million a year to come up short and making it impossible for middle class families to see a game because of ticket prices that rival opera house grand tier seats. And when these multi-millioniare players celebrate their wealth (too many of them) by not running the bases (or admiring their home runs by standing at the plate with their arms upraised, which sometimes don't turn out to be home runs and they get a single instead of a double {or, like the Mets' Perez in the last "so-called" subway series, they admire someone elses "home run" (that wasn't) and get thrown out at the plate--which would've been the winning run }), it's an extra slap in the face. They can shove baseball where the sun don't shine ... along with basketball and hockey.

Let's just hope they don't ruin football the same way (although the wild card crap is definitely headed in the wrong direction there, too).

I just wish I didn't get sucked into my beloved new york state buffalo bills games the way I always do ... it leaves me angry in the mornings ... and several mornings thereafter.