Friday, October 26, 2007

What is up with Smallville this season?

I know there are many better things to do on Thursday nights, but for anyone still watching Smallville, what is up? Episodes since the premiere have been some of the weakest ever, with each character following a different, tangential storyline:

Lana seems to have it in for the Luthors, and she may be a clone.

Chloe Sullivan's career has somehow stagnated such that Lois is higher on the totem pole.

Lex is obsessed with Supergirl.

Clark is still obsessed with Lana, showing no signs of wanting to leave Smallville and use his powers for the greater good.

In other words, none of the characters has made any progress worth mentioning. This version of the classic story only makes sense if Clark doesn't become Superman. I smell a deus ex machina. Don't you just hate those?

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