Friday, November 16, 2007

The Cracked CD Case

It happens to us all now and then. My latest CD, Robert J. Kral's soundtrack to Superman Doomsday, arrived in one of those super-flat tear-open mailers also known as damage-awaiting-inspection. I thought briefly of returning it, but before I knew it, I'd broken the plastic wrap and peeled the security seal. Not only was the familiar bite taken out of the front cover, the booklet window had a crack in it, one of the booklet-holding brackets had come off, and as I removed the CD itself, a plastic shard fell out from who-knows-where.

I put the CD in my player—it played at least—removed the front booklet, and was trying to get at the track listing on the back when I noticed all of the damage was to the snap-on front cover. I removed the cover from an unfortunately purchased, long-purposely-lost instrumental medley of Broadway songs (What? Not the original recordings?!), matched it to the back cover of the Doomsday soundtrack, and voila!

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