Sunday, November 11, 2007

NCIS: "Requiem"

This moving episode written by new showrunner Shane Brennan opens with DiNozzo shooting two assailants and diving off a pier after a car containing Gibbs and an unidentified young woman. After the opening credits, the show flashes back twenty-four hours and we learn the woman is Maddie Tyler (Cameron Goodman), best friend of Gibbs's murdered daughter Kelly. Maddie is being stalked by a Marine just back from Iraq. Gibbs warns the Marine off, but soon Maddie is kidnapped.

The episode reveals more of Gibbs's closely guarded past while delivering the usual clever mystery. Anne-Marie Johnson, who played an anti-military congresswoman on JAG, guest stars as a Marine colonel.

The episode's title reminds me there's a strike on, and we may not get closure on any arcs this season. I hope the strike is resolved before most scripted shows are visibly affected, but the writers may have to hold out to force the studios' hands.

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