Sunday, December 16, 2007

Early Christmas Presents

Using part of a check from my aunt in California and a $5 Family Video coupon, I bought myself:

Magnum, P.I. The Complete Seventh Season - I wasn't the biggest Magnum fan, but this was my favorite season, from the two-part premiere guest-starring Dana Delany, to a dream episode with Magnum as a 1940s San Francisco shamus, to the eerie finale, "Limbo."

Chinatown Special Edition - Remastered picture and a four-part documentary with Robert Towne, Roman Polanski, and Jack.

Justice League: The New Frontier Special Edition - This direct-to-DVD animated feature won't be out 'til February, but I'm locking it up now.

1 comment:

MysterLynch said...

For me, season 7 of Magnum was worth it if only for the finale and the Sinatra episode.