Monday, December 03, 2007

New DetecToday Logo

Every two years or so, I like to take stock of the graphics and banners for my discussion lists and think how to keep them fresh. I'd been thinking of this especially since switching from Windows to Ubuntu Linux last year, and being unable to use Adobe Photoshop to tweak said graphics.

DetecToday Logo (2005-2007)

The graphics for DetecToday in particular need to stay in touch with the times, just as modern fictional PIs do. The PDA graphic, a feature of the logo the past four years, had begun to strike me as old, so this morning I went looking for the next step up in technology.

I give you:

DetecToday on a smartphone.


Graham Powell said...

The logo I would like to see: a smart phone set into the butt of a .45. I tried this once when you opened up submissions for DT logos (using a PDA instead of a phone), but I couldn't get the rotation to match the grip right and had to give up. No one will ever confuse me with a graphic artist.

Gerald So said...

I remember you mentioning the attempt. I've tried logos with guns, too, but haven't come up with one I like.