Saturday, January 12, 2008

No power in the 'Verse can stop her.

I wasn't very interested in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles until I realized Summer Glau was in it, playing a female-model Terminator protecting John Connor.

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Gerald So said...

I found the first episode bleak and humorless with no rooting interest. Sure, John Connor is the future of humankind, but the episode showed no reason why he was worth saving. Some reviews said this was deeper than the mindless thrill-rides of the movies, but I have yet to see that. I don't just want to see Summer Glau kick butt. I want to care about her character, but no matter how sophisticated, she's still a robot. River's got it all over Cameron Phillips.

At least T2 had funny moments.

John Connor was using the name John Reese. Is it any wonder the Terminators caught up with him?