Sunday, February 10, 2008


John, Deshant, and I met at the 34th Street Loews this afternoon to watch Rambo. The plot was simple: a group of Christian missionaries hires a reluctant Rambo to ferry them from Thailand to Burma. When the missionaries are captured by a genocidal regime, Rambo is asked to ferry in a rescue team. The catch: the leader of the rescue team doesn't want Rambo's help. If you've seen any of the previous three Rambo movies, you know what happens from there.

Rambo, directed and co-written by Stallone, is nicely light on morality. Rambo doesn't crave battle like the mercenaries do. When he intervenes, it's for the right reasons, but he ends up killing scores of enemy soldiers in the process, horrifying the one missionary he cares for (played by Julie Benz).

The combat scenes, what everyone is really watching for, are well filmed and viscerally satisfying.

Best Preview: A British children's movie called Son of Rambow.

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John D. said...

I enjoyed it too. Much better than Rambo 3. Apparently Rambo's creator David Morrell liked it as well.