Thursday, March 27, 2008

Different profiles on different blogs on one Blogger account

It occurred to me that while readers of If You Want to Know About My Life... naturally want to read more about my life, readers of Gerald So's Desk should probably see more of my professional credentials (B.A. from Hofstra, M.A. from Queens College, taught at Hofstra...), and readers of Chatterrific probably want to read more about the lists I moderate. Also, in all honesty, my catchall Blogger profile was dangerously close to the 1,200-character limit.

Chatterrific and Gerald So's Desk use the same font and line spacing for the profile as for the blog entries, so I followed Peter Chen's instructions.

To customize my profile on If You Want to Know About My Life..., I created an HTML widget that calls on style declarations used by the default Profile widget to display my name and location (profile-data), author photo (profile-img), and information (profile-textblock).

Alternatively, you can go into your template, following Vin's instructions, and type your own information where Blogger calls for your default data:aboutme/ but that requires you to save changes to your template whenever you want to change your information.

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