Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spider-Man, Batman, and the Justice League

This morning I watched the premiere of The Spectacular Spider-Man on Kids' WB. The art/animation was a bit too cute for my taste, and I don't know if I can watch things unfold from the beginning again for Peter, Aunt May, Harry, etc., but I'll stick around to see who voices whom.

After Spidey, I watched the two-part The Batman: Lost Heroes, which involved super-powered members of the Justice League being abducted by an alien entity who siphons their powers into giant robots that attack Earth.

Here's my problem: Robots might be able to simulate certain powers (flight, strength, heat vision, speed), but others (Green Lantern's power ring) would be impossible. A Lantern's will and creativity tell a power ring what to create. An artificial intelligence might call on preset devices, but it wouldn't be able to improvise as fast as a human.

Batman defeats the robots with devices that take advantage of the heroes' weaknesses (e.g. Martian Manhunter's fear of fire, Superman's susceptibility to kryptonite, GL's ineffectiveness against yellow). But robots wouldn't have to have the same weaknesses. Why would kryptonite affect a robot?


Megan Powell said...

Maybe they're post-Singularity robots.

Gerald So said...

They were indeed self-improving robots, so it was a letdown to see that their chests could be punctured and the powers siphoned back into the proper heroes--a Superfriends solution if ever there was one.