Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A C.J. Stone Primer

Graham Powell commented that he'd like to catch up on my C.J. Stone stories. I present this brief primer for anyone who'd like to do the same.

C.J. Stone is an aviator-for-hire. He learned to fly in the Army Air Service and got out as soon as he could after that. During Prohibition, he and his retired Air Corps mentor, Zath McGrath, smuggled Bahamian rum into Miami. When a crash crippled Zath, C.J. took over his flights and roomed with Zath's old friend Jock, owner of a bar in Bimini.

When the Great Depression hit, C.J.'s charter service went belly up, forcing him to scrounge and take odd jobs until a stroke of luck at poker won him a Grumman Goose he would christen Miss Liberty (pictured above).

The C.J. Stone stories in order of first publication are:

"For Old Times' Sake"
"A Twist of Kate"
"A Little Trouble"
"Decoys" (coming in August '08)

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