Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reaper: "Rebellion"

I suspected Sock, Ben, and Sam's moving in next door to demons (played by Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino) was a design of the Devil (Ray Wise). I didn't think their plan to overthrow him would work. I was right on both counts, but it was still a great episode to watch. It got me thinking that maybe the world was better off with the Devil running things down in hell, especially given the show's portrayal of him as a slick CEO keeping underlings in line. I wouldn't want a bunch of rogue demons free to do as they pleased.

It was nice to see things going good for Sam and Andi. I hope there is some way for Sam to win his soul back so he can be with her, but would the show be over if it happened?

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Todd Mason said...

Wouldn't have to be, but golly the writers rarely seem to realize how much joy there is to be had by scoring off a relation...something that didn't seem to escape Hammett and Co. (THE THIN MAN and its sequels in film) nor Thorne Smith. Among others.