Thursday, April 17, 2008

Smallville: "Descent"

Lex Luthor finally loses it, pushing Lionel to his death, not to mention figuratively killing his own inner child. The show hasn't gone how I wanted since Season 3, but I still want to see what happens.

Now to the Superman-in-training moment of the episode: Lex's henchwoman shoots Lois and locks her and Jimmy in cold storage. Clark takes a good thirty minutes to find them, stopping to save Chloe from said henchwoman before he even knows Lois and Jimmy are missing. When he finally finds them, he thaws them out with heat vision, but zips away without taking Lois to safety. I know it's a few years before he falls in love with her, but he leaves Jimmy to get her to a hospital?! With Chloe already safe, there was no need to be anywhere else. Why not get Lois some medical attention before Jimmy's brain has thawed enough to realize what's happened?

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Anonymous said...

Still placing my bets on the death being Martha Kent.. No one has seen her since last season and that would push clark into being mortal enemies with lex.