Monday, April 28, 2008

You don't tug on Superman's cape...

Blogging about the lack of originality in Hollywood, author Lori G. Armstrong wrote, "I don't get comic books or movies based on comic book heros. I never have."

I commented:

I'm more into the mythos(es?) of heroes than collecting comics, but to me, heroes are heroes whether they come from books, comics, TV, or movies.

And comic book fans go to movies for the same reason any readers do. Who doesn't want to see a big screen interpretation of characters who've lived so vividly in our minds, if only out of curiosity?

I've got to give a thumbs-up to Richard Donner's Superman, Bryan Singer's two X-Men movies, Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy, and the movie of my favorite hero, Daredevil.

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Deshant said...

This shouldn't be a forum for everyone's favorite comic book movie but I would agree with the idea of an execution of fantasy. For everyone who hates the "Lord of the Rings" adaptation or the "Harry Potter" franchise there are 1000 people working day and night taking the words and images of our favorite authors and writers and attempting to bring them to life. As you point out Daredevil all I can think of is how I would adapt his RADAR to the big screen. The artistic choices, thematic choices, and at this stage in teh game even the origin of a hero are all up to some extreme interpretation or another. There has been some violations of the foundations of some heroes but in the end the comic media is a seeding ground of brilliant ideas and vivid imagination. What springs forth can be truly wonderful or utter chaos, but there are people with real gumption who are attempting to adapt one person's idea for consumption by the masses.