Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DVD: JAG Season 6

The Season 6 set includes no extras, but does feature several of my favorite episodes presented in glorious widescreen:

"Flight Risk" - Harm investigates whether a crash that killed two Naval aviators was caused by upgrades done by a private contractor.

"A Separate Peace" - Up for a plum command, Adm. Boone (Terry O'Quinn) is accused of a war crime dating back to Vietnam.

"Touch and Go" - Caitlin Pike's (Andrea Parker) return to JAG Headquarters leads to a sexual harrassment case against her former CO.

"Iron Coffin" - Harm is torn between duty and his friendship with Russian Capt. Volkonov (Alex Kuznetsov) when a Russian submarine explodes with a U.S. submarine in its baffles.

"To Walk on Wings" - A timely case involving a mishap aboard an Osprey helicopter.

"Past Tense" - Harm must look into the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Lt. Cmdr. Jordan Parker (Susan Haskell)

and Part 1 of "Adrift" - Rushing home for Mac's wedding, Harm is forced to eject and gets lost at sea.

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