Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Man Behind Bond

Today is the hundredth anniversary of James Bond creator Ian Fleming's birth. Sandra Parshall of Poe's Deadly Daughters ponders Bond's enduring charm.

I commented:

I discovered James Bond with the movies. Though admittedly uneven, they set a standard for big-budget globe-trotting action that's still followed today. I also appreciate how most of the movies manage to convey sex appeal while keeping a PG rating.

The Bond books were some of the first I read for pleasure, and I found a character more serious and more vulnerable than in many of the movies.

I think Timothy Dalton's Bond was closest to Fleming's intent, and his two movies (THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, LICENCE TO KILL) brought a seriousness and realism to the franchise that hadn't been seen since early Connery.

I think James Bond has endured because he appeals to the enduring fantasies of men and women. He's a sexy character who, when not living dangerously, gets to indulge in the finest life has to offer.

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John D. said...

Dalton was a great Bond. I was sorry to see him leave after only two movies. You're right, he was closest to the Bond of Fleming's books. Unfortunately, his short tenure as 007 means that he'll probably wind up a mere footnote in Bond lore.