Thursday, May 01, 2008

Smallville: "Apocalypse"

Smallville's 150th episode, a spin on It's a Wonderful Life, has Jor-El showing Clark what the world would be like if Kal-El never made it to Earth. In the alternate world, Clark is more driven than we've ever seen in the series, finally willing to act when he must. I just hope more of it translates to the show's regular reality.

Question: In the alternate world, Jonathan and Martha Kent have a biological son named Clark. How is it Classic Clark is able to go around saying he is Clark with no one disputing him?

Bigger Question: Granting that Clark and Kara can go back to past Krypton through the Fortress of Solitude, how is grown Clark able to put baby Kal-El on the ship to Earth? Isn't there a temporal principle prohibiting that?

Still, kudos to writers Al Septien and Turi Meyer and director Tom Welling.

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