Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TV Deathwatch

ABC has cancelled Women's Murder Club and Miss/Guided.

CBS has cancelled Moonlight and Shark.

FOX has cancelled Back to You, New Amsterdam, and Canterbury's Law.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I thought some of these had real promise. Surprised especially at Back to You with those stars. Never had any chemistry though. Mis Guided had a great lead but not much else.

Hobster said...

whoa...Moonlight? I was thiiiis close to being won over by its rabid fanbase (rabid, but small, obviously) and was going to check it out over the summer.

Thanks for saving me the effort :)

Gerald So said...

I watched the first episode of Moonlight and found it a poor man's Angel: less production value, less charismatic stars. It didn't help that the show was retooled twice before airing a single episode.

As of now, there's a small chance Moonlight will be picked up by The CW.

Todd Mason said...

MOONLIGHT improved slightly, but insufficiently, from its pilot. I'm surprised that I'll miss WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB, even though it always just hovered on the lip of being good...and I've liked MISS/GUIDED better than Patti has, I think it's been a rather better-grounded absurdist sitcom than we had any reason to expect, and would've made a good match with SAMANTHA WHO?...but no one ever accuses the networks of being particularly sensible in how they handle their schedules or nurture shows. At least ABC picking up SCRUBS might lead to fine coda for that series.

By me, the great loss of the season remains JOURNEYMAN.

Todd Mason said...

And the next most regrettable cancellation of the season, for me, might well be PBS's quick axing of WIRED SCIENCE...they're proving they can be as capricious and dense as their commercial siblings...yet again.

MysterLynch said...

Moonlight is officially dead. CW passed on it.