Thursday, July 10, 2008

Burn Notice: "Breaking and Entering"

We last left Michael Westen driving into the trailer of a semi to finally meet the people who burned him. In tonight's season premiere, before that can happen, Michael overhears a firefight and is forced to help a computer geek steal data from a private military firm. Though the tone seems a touch darker, the action a bit more urgent, the characters' chemistry remains.

If this season holds together as well as the first, we should learn enough to keep us riveted, but not enough to satisfy until the end.


Todd Mason said...

My take (and that of other viewers who post in comments) is up on the TV GUIDE site, under the unintentional Kara Howland pseud (a glitch the NYC folks haven't fixed yet):

Or you can get there through my blog links, at my name.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Although my husband likes this series, I can't get into it. The episodes seem too interchangeable to me.

Gerald So said...

Patti, the A plots are similar--Michael often reluctantly helping someone out of a jam using tricks of the spycraft trade--but the first season's arc of Michael finding out a little more in each episode about who "burned" him is some of the best continuity and pacing I've seen.