Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The End

Last night the New York Yankees were officially eliminated from contention, ending a streak of thirteen MLB playoff appearances. More disappointing to me than the end of the streak is the organization's failure to acknowledge, amid all its stadium-closing fanfare, Joe Torre, manager of twelve of those thirteen playoff teams.

I have a friend who was a Yankee fan all his life until George Steinbrenner fired Buck Showalter, whom many, myself included, credit with building the foundation for the '96 team led by Torre. While I remain a Yankee fan, I wonder how a franchise so proud of its history can sometimes so blatantly ignore it.


Dave White said...

I've been off blogs, so I only just saw this. Apparently there was a segment during the game--between innings--that had Torre talking about Yankee Stadium and his time there. A game film.

Was it the best they could have done? No. But at least they did something.

Gerald So said...

Sounds like a CYA afterthought to me.