Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Flash Fiction Challenge

Here's another one from Patti Abbott. Join in by commenting on this post or on Patti's blog with your blog/site link.

Aldo Calcagno, Gerald So and I are ready to challenge flash fiction writers once again. I hope you're in the mood.

Since women have become a bit of a political football of late, I have a choice of two lines to use in a 750 or so word story. Both lines come from an obscure and strange Kay Francis movie from 1932 called Cynara.

"I have been faithful to you, Cynara, in my fashion."


"Call no woman respectable till she's dead."

You can change the name to whatever suits you if you choose line 1 although it's hard to beat Cynara for mystique.

We're thinking of an end date of October 20th. Aldo will post stories for those without sites on Powder Burn Flash. And Gerald So and I will post the links for those who do have blogs. Hope to hear from you.

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