Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House: "Dying Changes Everything"

Tonight's fifth season premiere wasn't really about the latest mysterious case to come through the doors of Princeton-Plainsborough, but about Amber's death in a bus crash after picking up a drunk House, and its impact on House's friendship with Wilson. You could almost predict that Wilson's real issue in the ordeal stemmed from House's needy, manipulative ways and the fact that this time they cost someone's life and could have cost Wilson's life.

Next episode, House hires a P.I. to spy on Wilson. I have a feeling this will be played for comedy, and as much as I like the characters, I don't know that I'll watch the melodrama unfold week to week. I do wonder if and how House and Wilson will reconcile, but not enough to flip over from NCIS, which premieres next week.

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