Friday, October 31, 2008

Smallville: "Identity"

While waiting to discuss a story idea with Clark, Lois and Jimmy are accosted by a mugger. Clark super-speeds to thwart the attack just as Jimmy snaps a picture. Jimmy is determined to prove the existence of a mysterious "red-and-blue blur" savior while Tess Mercer has the same need to explain the unexplained that Lex did.

Clark, of course, frets about having his "secret" exposed ("People would be jeopardy if they yadda, yadda."), but when confronted by Jimmy he is incapable of telling the slightest white lie to throw his pal off track:

Did anyone from high school have hero potential?

Any answer would have at least bought time. You may argue that Clark never lies, but in fact he's lied about his abilities all his life. Badly, yes, but he's lied.

For example, to dodge Jimmy's questions, Clark claims he has to fix a tractor, then speeds over to Chloe's, followed shortly by Jimmy.

Uh, Clark, you have a cell phone. Why not call Chloe and decide on a story to tell Jimmy without actually showing up at Chloe's in superhuman time, further confirming Jimmy's suspicions you are superhuman?

And speaking of your cell phone, when Lois called for help with a memory-reading killer, you answered. "Hello?" and flashed to her rescue. Do you really expect her later to believe you didn't get her call until it was too late?

Lois ought to know by now: She calls Clark for help and is mysteriously helped. Who else would it be?

I'm picking particularly large nits, but there were also some clever moments:

While poking around Jimmy's belongings, Clark is interrupted by Lois getting ready for her date with the memory-reader. Lois asks Clark to zip up her dress, which does quite bashfully. The scene is shown later from Lois's memory and we see she enjoyed the moment.

While waiting to meet Jimmy at the farm, Clark makes a pile of all his red and blue clothes.

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