Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So the restaurant yesterday was not a buffet, but the food wasn't as oily or salty as I expected, either. All in all a pleasant time with family, and not having a food-and-drink hangover is swell.

I performed a system update this morning and missed my brother on his way out Black Friday shopping. It's not something either of us claims to enjoy, but some of the deals are amazing. I think it was two years ago we saw a 32-inch HD LCD TV for $799. We went home to compare prices on the Web, and when we got back to the store, the price had gone to $999.

I did my bargain shopping over the past two weeks:

Smallville Season 7 for $28.42

Reaper Season 1 for $20.98

Son of the Beach Vol. 2 for $19.48

The Complete Batman: The Animated Series for $56.60

UPDATE: My brother was not out shopping. He was sleeping—what a letdown.

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MysterLynch said...

Sadly, Warner did not send the Batman set. I will be buying that at some point in the near future.