Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mentalist: "Red Hair and Silver Tape"

I caught a rerun of The Mentalist's second episode Friday night. Simon Baker stars as a Kreskin-like performer-turned-P.I. who assists the California Bureau of Investigation. The premise sounds like Psych, but the show reminds me more of John Doe. It's not appointment TV, but I might look in now and then.

Anyone know why all the episode titles have the word "red" in them?


Hobster said...

Oy vey. I've watched every episode, but have apparently never known the titles--didn't know about the 'red' in them

I'm with you--it's entertaining enough, but could be so much better. Diverting enough that it helps a guy make it through a long graveyard shift, and Baker's fun to watch.

StephenD said...

I've seen every episode so far, but I agree that it's not appointment TV. I like Simon Baker well enough, but I don't have any feelings about any of the other characters.

My guess about "red" in the titles goes to Patrick Jane's backstory. His wife and daughter were murdered by a serial killer nicknamed "Red John". He hasn't been caught and the murders continue to haunt Jane.