Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rock Me Slowly

I vote in a high school gymnasium with a mechanical (tab-lever-curtain) voting booth. I try to be reasonably well informed. I read propositions carefully. I double-check to be sure I'm pulling the correct tabs for the correct parties. And the booth operator always asks, "How're you doing?" ("What's taking you so long?")

Ah, if only I didn't prize language, if only I were more conservative or liberal, I could click-click-click zip right through.

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Deshant said...

Proposition 1 seemed to pop out of nowhere as well. I thought all the delays on the line this morning were due to the 'elderly' taking their sweet time. Hopefully they were carefully reading this unnecessary* prop.

*When I say unnecessary I mean that it shouldn't be a state issue, only because the state constitution is so complicated is this necessary.