Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smallville: "Bride"

So this episode was the first appearance of Doomsday, but I focused more on the interaction between Lana and Clark and Lois and Clark. It was good to see Lana finally in the role of Clark's oldest confidant, but I thought Lois would make more of an effort to express herself while she had the chance. What was up with her fading into the background when Lana showed up? Why does she open up to Ollie, a third party, like a typical romantic comedy character would?

Her heart's been broken before. Why remain passive and let it happen again? I would've liked to see her blurt out her feelings to Clark, thereby making an even more awkward and interesting moment when Lana showed up. Instead of fading, maybe Lois steps in front of Clark, marking her territory...

Anyway, now we wait almost two months to pick up the story. If it is the last season, and I hope it is, I say Clark dies at some point and comes back powerful enough to defeat Doomsday.

Key disappointment of the night: Not even a mention of Ma Kent.

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