Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Best of Me Awards

In the Comments, tell me which of my online stories and/or poems first published in 2008 was your favorite.


"Should old acquaintance be forgot?" (S.J. Rozan's Six Word Stories)

"Another Life" (Shred of Evidence)

"Connect the Dots" (Love Hurts Blog Event)

"Smithee Claus"

"Just To Be Different (Shifting Gears Blog Event)

"Decoys" (Yellow Mama)

"Soup of the Day" (Fall Flash Fiction Challenge)

"Only For Good" (Fall Flash Fiction Challenge)


"Impression" (My Favorite Bullet)

"Root" (Contemporary Rhyme)

"The Box" (The Hiss Quarterly)

"Another Birthday" (The Hiss Quarterly)

"The Gum-Chewing Girl of My Dreams" (The Hiss Quarterly)

"An English Teacher Rediscovers..." (Asinine Poetry)

"July 7, 2007" (Mouth Full of Bullets)

"Grandpa's Mythology" (Red Fez)

"George Carlin Goes to... ?" (Asinine Poetry)

"Tomatophilia" (Asinine Poetry)

"Jalapeñophobia" (Asinine Poetry)

"In Love with a Stripper Named Lynn" (Asinine Poetry)

"F**k the Figurative" (Asinine Poetry)

"Not Responsible For Typographical Errors" (Defenestration)

"Keeping Up Appearances" (Mannequin Envy)

"After Life" (Radiant Turnstile)

"Sharpening the Sword" (Radiant Turnstile)

"Set For Life" (Radiant Turnstile)


pattinase (abbott) said...

I just read a bunch of these and can't decide. They all have a special quality-sadness, I guess. Inevitability, a distinctive voice. Can I choose your entire body of work rather than one?

Gerald So said...

You flatter me. This is an informal poll, but I like limiting it to one fiction pick and one poetry pick. You can get back to me.

StephenD said...

Ooo...some good options. The fiction one is tough, but I'm going with "Another Life".

Hands down my poetry fave is "In Love with a Stripper Named Lynn". I laughed at the ending. Good stuff.