Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Journal Meme

This year's edition of a meme from John Schramm:

Copy and paste the first sentence of your first blog entry for each month this year.


I'm not one for new year's resolutions.


The entry title is taken from the last lines of my poem "Root", just published at Contemporary Rhyme, and incidentally sums up my feelings about a January that flipped me off on its way out.


Patrick Shawn Bagley, Richie Narvaez, Anthony Rainone, and I have finished scoring submissions for the inaugural issue of The Lineup: Poems on Crime, which will be a 6x9-inch, 40 to 44-page chapbook of work by 14 poets.


Today marks ten years online for Kevin Burton Smith's Thrilling Detective Web Site.


I've added a Twitter widget to the right sidebar.


I was all practiced and prepared, sitting just left of the altar to read the Prayer of the Faithful at my cousin Gene's wedding when the overeager first reader bounded up to the podium and read my part.


The entry title is my way of announcing my two latest poems at, "George Carlin Goes to... ?" and "Tomatophilia".


Now up at, my loose sequel to "Tomatophilia," "Jalapeñophobia".


You haven't watched The Middleman this summer?!


Fed up with metaphors?


My virtual costume for Halloween '08:


The highest compliment I can pay Quantum of Solace is I believed the conceit that it picks up twenty minutes after Casino Royale.

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