Friday, January 23, 2009

Burn Notice: "Do No Harm"

When last we saw Michael Westen, unknown forces had rigged the door to his loft with a bomb. Luckily he leaps away from the explosion in time and lands on his car. Shortly after regaining consciousness he stops a man named Kenny from committing suicide. Despite being pulled in by Carla (Tricia Helfer), Michael is determined to help Kenny's son, who needs specialized treatment and drugs. To do that, he needs to bust the black market drug scam for which Kenny fell.

Though it's been four months between episodes, the image of Michael leaping from the fire remained clear in my mind. All the characters pick up seamlessly, and the tension between Michael and Fiona is recharged as good-hearted EMT Campbell tells Fiona that Michael is her true love.

This episode also shows Michael's meaner side as he decides to stop eluding surveillance and confront Carla head-on. As a flagless spy, Michael is a perfect character type to switch tactics and loyalties on the fly.

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