Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cautious Optimism

I'm hopeful by nature. I've discovered this by going to the depths of doubt and realizing there are three options: really give up, feign pessimism (this seems popular), or turn it around. I also know the best hope and luck come from first seeing the obstacles, then opening my mind to ways around them. I didn't watch much inauguration coverage today, not wanting to stop for ceremony.


Graham Powell said...

I didn't watch the inauguration either, because it seemed rather anti-climatic. But I watched TONS of election coverage.

Ali Karim said...

Gerald -

A word of advice - NEVER GIVE UP

Stay focused

Stay positive

And NEVER GIVE UP, even there are days [especially due to the economic crack flying thru the media] it's hard to raise a smile, but please do so - NEVER GIVE UP on what you love



Gerald So said...

Thanks, Ali. Fortunately, I've outgrown the pessimism of my teen years. I was addressing ceremony in the entry. I hope Obama's presidency is a real postive turn for the country, not just fanfare.

If I could give up what I love doing, I wouldn't be a poet.