Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leverage: "The Snow Job"

Nate and the team help an Iraq war veteran evicted from his house by a crooked contractor (Sam Anderson). I wasn't too surprised to learn this was the second episode shot. The chemistry of "The Mile-High Job" clearly hadn't developed yet. Eliot has little to do. Nate hits the bottle, and I would've liked to see a larger event drive him to it. On the other hand, he was drunk at the start of the pilot, so in proper sequence he can be seen as drying out. I wonder if TNT will run a Leverage marathon with the episodes in the order they were shot.

The main point of interest for me was the reunion of Whedonverse characters Anderson (Holland Manners), Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald), and Danny Strong (Jonathan), though I don't recall Anderson and Kane sharing a scene.

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