Friday, February 20, 2009

Bones: "The Princess and the Pear"

With Booth's back acting up, Brennan investigates the murder of a fantasy convention booth girl with Sweets and Agent Peyton Perotta (Marisa Coughlan). This was a fun episode for a closet geek like me, with good chemistry between Booth and Brennan, Booth and Perotta, Angela and Hodgins, Cam and Fisher.

I also like that Sweets is playing a plausibly more active role in cases. His analysis of Booth and Brennan from afar was getting old. I like Agent Perotta. She clearly likes Booth but doesn't want to get between him and Brennan. At the moment, Booth and Brennan's relationship seems like a really good friendship, so there's still time for Perotta to make a romantic play.

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