Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reaper: "The Favorite"

Sam is saddled with Morgan, a charming but unmotivated son of The Devil, while tracking a materialistic soul who has returned to claim all his earthly possessions.

I've always enjoyed how Sam is written and portrayed, decent without seeming too noble or capable. It's also good to see Sock and Ben get richer storylines of their own, Sock trying to subcontract his work to Ted, disgraced former manager of The Work Bench, and Ben trying to figure out why his demon girlfriend is holding back.

The episode ended with the reappearance of Sam's earthly father, now a zombie.

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catko said...

Glad to see you writing about Reaper! I agree with you on the good elements of this show. Hey, there's a campaign going on to let CW know there's a fanbase who want to see the show continue. Check it out.