Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Reaper: ...A New Hope

In the wake of his earthly father's apparent demise, Sam goes on a month-long road trip with Sock and Ben. He gives Sock a letter to mail to Andi, but instead Sock opens and reads it. Sam rushes home to find himself out of a job, in the doghouse with Andi, and tasked with capturing thirty musclebound souls with a cattle prod.

In the larger scheme of things, Sam discovers he isn't The Devil's only son. Old Scratch has been deflowering maidens since time began. He also encounters a soul (Sean Patrick Thomas) who seems to have gotten out of his deal with The Devil.

Many are predicting Reaper won't stand a chance against NCIS and American Idol, but I'm just glad it's back and hope The CW takes the competition into account. In terms of quality, I think Reaper is more deserving of renewal than Smallville and Dollhouse, to name just two.

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