Friday, April 10, 2009

What to Watch?

Pondering his TV viewing habits, Jeremy Lynch was curious "what shows are drawing us in each week. Are there other shows that you buy, but do not watch live?"

You may remember my deciding against a DVR cable box. Considering the many shows viewable online and the money I spend on DVDs as it is, I can't justify an extra $10 a month to record TV.

On Mondays, I watch The Big Bang Theory over House and Chuck. I'll still buy the latter two on DVD, but week to week, I'm not curious enough to flip channels. Greg House's quirky brilliance is firmly established, so it seems as if the writers have to trump up challenges for him, dating back to Tritter, to his new team, to his falling out with Wilson, to his complicated relationship with Cuddy. I've never much liked Chuck's spy element. I don't think it's blended very well with his everyday life.

Since March, I've been watching the pleasant Castle Mondays at 10.

Tuesday has traditionally been NCIS night. Since Reaper returned in March, I've been watching that live and catching NCIS online. I have to admit my interest in Reaper has flagged since news of its creators leaving, but I'll still buy Season 2 on DVD.

Tuesdays at 10, I watched TNT's Leverage, which finished its first season in February. Having a friend on the writing staff made it like a viewing party every week.

Wednesdays nothing has held my interest. Life feels oddly different from last season, and Lie to Me seems repetitive.

Thursdays at 8 are a toss-up between Smallville and Bones. My frustration with Smallville is well documented, but some Bones plots have seemed just as silly.

When it's in season, I watch Burn Notice Thursdays at 10, a textbook example of multi-episode plotting. I wish all shows held together as well.

Fridays Dollhouse lost me with Episode 2. I'm still Huluing it, but sorry, Joss and Tim.

When it's on, I watch Psych at 10, an old-fashioned good time.


Scott Parker said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one enjoying Castle. I like it so much that I've gone and checked out "Firefly" from my local library. Hope ABC keeps Castle for at least another season. said...

Oh! I'm writing to ask if you'd help us save Reaper, despite the creators leaving. There are so many people left to carry on the story. I do hope you will consider taking a moment to send in a letter. Even a simple "Please Renew Reaper!" makes a difference.


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