Friday, May 15, 2009

Smallville: "Doomsday"

I've blogged before about my overall dissatisfaction with season finales, many of which are loud and chaotic, and all we can do is see who hasn't fallen off the cliff. After eight seasons, I know what to expect from a Smallville season finale, so much so I almost didn't watch.

My questions from tonight are:

Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen? A cop-out, but one of the best attempts at bridging the show's continuity with other tellings of Superman. Still a gyp. Why didn't Chloe just resurrect dead Jimmy?

Lois finds a Legion ring allowing her to escape a bloody fight with Tess, but her displacement potentially messes with things more than Jimmy's death. What will become of her?

Clark chooses to reject the humanity he's learned. We know that won't last because Superman is all about human qualities.

And so I find myself disappointed, but no more so than usual. Whatever happens, I've still enjoyed enough episodes this season to get the DVDs,

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