Sunday, June 28, 2009

Current Events

Having received the first Lineup shirts from CafePress last Monday, I spent much of the week perfecting their design and gladly missed the media blitz of Michael Jackson's death. The Michael I miss is the seemingly normal, smiling kid who was in a group with four of his brothers. That Michael has been gone for ages.

I'm maybe five years too young to have fully appreciated Farrah Fawcett at the height of her fame. Even with the age gap, hers was the iconic female look of my youth. Having lost some family members to cancer, I don't wish the experience on anyone.

And finally, most jolting to me, informercial king Billy Mays reportedly died this morning at age 50. I know the least about Mays, but I'll miss his booming voice and enthusiasm (even if it was an act) filling hours of insomnia.

To end on a happy note, my friends John and Kelly Ricotta welcomed their first boy, John Stephen Ricotta, early Friday morning. May he not face too much hazing from his older sisters.

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