Monday, July 06, 2009

Federer's Fifteenth

Tuning in midway through the second set, yesterday's Roddick/Federer Wimbledon final was still the best match I've ever seen. Crisp play throughout, not to mention in the 30-game fifth set. In the end, unfortunately for him, Andy Roddick flinched. Roddick's play has definitely improved since previous losses to Federer, but Federer still has a mental edge on him.

Commentators have been saying how well Roddick handled the loss, but to me he seemed to be mocking Federer in the post-match ceremonies. He probably couldn't believe he had lost. I wish he had more self-control, but then he might not be the same player.

Nitpickers say Federer hasn't faced Nadal in these past two Grand Slams, but history is often as tough an opponent as the one across the net. Congrats to him.

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Graham Powell said...

This photo pretty much says it all:

I felt bad for Roddick, he really played with guts and never gave in. A few points here or there and he's the champion. I did think Federer played more consistenly throughout, but really, whoever won, you could say they deserved it.