Friday, August 21, 2009

Sports Takes

Brief comments on some recent sports stories:

Michael Vick going to the Eagles. Fine by me. I don't like that he allowed dogs to fight and die on his property, but he's served his sentence and should be allowed to earn a living again.

Rick Pitino sex scandal. I'm not all that surprised. Sex is one of the world's oldest motivators. I don't like Pitino enough to know much about him. Every story on the scandal calls him "a devout Catholic", but if he were that devout, he wouldn't have gotten into a compromising position. People who trot out their faith seem to be the ones who don't have it when put to the test.

Brett Favre joins the Vikings. Favre has been enabled the last few years at least. I'm long past caring what he does.

Plaxico Burress agrees to two years in prison. Some say two years is excessive because he did something stupid, not malicious. I suppose it's a gray area, much like Vick's dogfighting sentence. This was the best Burress's lawyer could do, apparently.

Memphis to vacate Final Four season. Like many others, I think the NCAA should have come down harder on "the player" who didn't take his SATs and on Calipari, who's bolted to Kentucky. The travesty here is that athletes are so often given a pass in the classroom.

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